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Prominent Women In Spotlight - 2022

The place of women in any society is a critical factor in judging the success of any civilization. There has been gender inequality and women were treated inferior to men from the time of beginning of civilisation. The situation of women at each time period is shown to the world through stories, dramas and films of each time. These stories tell the hardships women have come across and the risks they have taken to reach the position they are in today.

With women getting access to proper education, they started getting into politics, government jobs, law & enforcement and business boardrooms. . Education plays an important role in building self-confidence among women. It also helps them to question traditions and believes that have suppressed them for ages. The Constitution of India has certain provisions that specifically focus on women empowerment and prevents discrimination against women in the society. But still there were things that were holding them back. But today, women are breaking the stereotypes and are competing with their men counterpart in all sectors.

Today, women are not just aiming financial independence but equal position and respect as that of men. Today, the aim is not women development but women led development. knowledge, self-confidence and awareness of gender equity are developed through education. And those who are aware of their rights may not face discrimination.

India stands ahead in Asia in the board representation of women. There are number of Indian women in boardroom positions spread over, all the countries in Asia. Here, in this issue we are introducing a list of such ‘Top 10 Prominent Women in Spotlight– 2022’. These young women have risen to top positions in their job and their stories will be a true motivation to women all over the world, those who want to chase their dreams. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board.