As the country is inclined towards atmanirbhar bharat abhiyan it is focusing on the businesses to strengthen India's overall economy. Commenting on this, our honorable Prime Minister has stated that the high-growth trajectory is possible only through Intent inclusion, investment, infrastructure, and innovation and by gathering all the farmers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. While Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that "self-reliant India does not mean cutting off from rest of the world".

Elaborating further, the law and IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, stated that self-reliance does not mean isolating away from the world. Foreign direct investment is welcome, technology is welcome. self-reliant India. translates to being a bigger and more important part of the global economy.

As part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat package, the government has announced a comprehensive and extensive coverage within MSMEs, boosting scope for private participation in numerous sectors, increasing FDI in the defense sector, and other sectors such as the solar manufacturer's sector.

India's Achievements Through Atmanirbhar Bharat

->Indian PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) industry's revenue has reached Rs.7,000 crore in two months, making India the second largest after China. It grew from zero production before March, to 1,50,000 pieces a day by the beginning of May.

-> In July 2020, Apple announced to manufacturer one of its premium iPhone models in India for the first time.

-> Jio created a complete 5G solution using 100 percent homegrown technologies and solutions. It would empower India to launch a world-class 5G service.

-> The largest fund in the country worth Rs 21,000 crore was set up by the IIT Alumni Council with the aim of supporting the mission towards self-reliance.

Women Entrepreneurs Role in Uplifting India Being Atmanirbhar 

Women being the backbone of our society and have always played a crucial role in strengthening our society. Economic empowerment of women is the most viable solution to integrate women into the developmental goals of the nation and Atmanirbhar Bharat.

However, this self-reliant India mission has been possible only when women, whose population is almost half of the total, are included in the program and participate equally in terms of economic activities.

At present and level of women empowerment, the inclusion of women for a self-reliant India program requires women envisage from broader categories such as Fully established and economically self-reliant women, women possessing certain skills or owning a small establishment, women focus on skill set and skill development.

Out of these categories, women with the second and third qualities must be identified accurately and systematically provided with appropriate aid for a Self-reliant India.

Measures to Take up to Empower women along the Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission

 The skill development program for skill-based women. Sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment program for women who are in need. Associating with social enterprises and to employ skilled women. The technology-based program is specially formulated for women and their participation. Assist women in the MSMEs. Provide proper incubation and hand-holding women entrepreneurs. Compulsory non-discriminatory and sexual harassment-free workplaces

It is common knowledge that most of the small-time women vendors are highly debted to local money lenders and not able to pay back the loans due to high-interest rates. There have been several instances of women committing suicide in different parts of India due to their inability to pay back loans/ clear financial debts.

Thus, utilizing the government-induced schemes and implementing the above-mentioned points could aid in elevating the country's economy even higher.