Women are more employable in development professions than men, according to a report, as the tech industry opens up more job prospects in the aftermath of the current pandemic.

According to the BridgeLabz Tech Employability Quotient (BTEQ) test, which predicts the chances of landing a development position in the tech industry, women have a 42 percent chance of landing a job, while males have a 39 percent chance.

"While the tech industry is burgeoning with opportunities across different fields, there remains a significant issue of staff attrition. One of the variables in the gap is the under-utilisation of women's talent.

"Whether women are starting their careers or joining after a career break, we've been working towards reducing the skill gap, instilling diversity in the workplace," BridgeLabz founder Narayan Mahadevan said.

The report, Tech-Employability 2021-22, is based on a survey of more than 40,000 engineering graduates.

According to the survey, once highly educated and experienced women reach the mid-management level, they frequently leave their professions.

There are a variety of reasons for work pauses, including marriage, motherhood, and caring for elderly parents, among others. Women, on the other hand, find it difficult to return to work after a career hiatus due to the ever-changing technology and the skill gap that occurs as a result of the sabbatical, according to the report.

According to the survey, women are frequently considered as a "reserve labour" rather than an integral part of the economy.

According to data in a crisis like COVID-19, job loss has struck women more than males, and they find fewer open doors when they wish to rejoin the labour, it stated.

In addition, talent from lower-tier cities and states has higher employability scores than talent from metro areas, according to the survey.

Andhra Pradesh has 41 percent of ready talent, followed by Assam with 32 percent and Bihar with 31 percent, according to the survey.

According to the results of the BTEQ exams, 75% of the talent comes from Tier II cities.