US First Lady Jill Biden speaks on the need for males to support women's rights

By: WE Staff | Thursday, 23 March 2023

US First Lady Jill Biden urged men to stand up and fight to defend women's rights at a Women's History Month event. Jill Biden expressed her regret for the position that women find themselves in, adding that these are "battles that we thought we had won a long time ago." She was speaking before her husband Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Jill Biden remarked, "We need more men to hold each other accountable when women are harmed or left behind." The first lady said, "There should be an end to the battle for women's equality."

This comes after the US Supreme Court ruled in June that states can restrict abortion, which caused numerous Republican-controlled states throughout the nation to pass legislation that reduces the amount of time women have to seek an abortion. Also, several states have made it harder for women to have abortions.

In his remarks, Joe Biden stated that his government places a high priority on enhancing women's economic status and that all the urgent challenges facing the US, from public safety to public health, are intimately connected to women's economic security. To provide a better future for the daughters of our country, Joe Biden remarked, "We must recommit to the task ahead."