Gynoveda, the world's first Ayurvedic FemTech brand, has signed famed actress Taapsee Pannu as its brand ambassador with the goal of relieving Indian women from all menstrual and reproductive issues. Gynoveda has launched the campaign #AyurvedaForHealthyPeriods as part of this collaboration.

The digital-first firm is providing easily accessible, affordable Ayurvedic therapies across 20,000 pin codes to address gynaecological diseases such as PCOS, PCOD, period abnormalities, vaginal discharge, and infertility difficulties that affect 80 million Indian women and over 800 million worldwide.

Taapsee Pannu, an actress, stated, "As a woman, I feel strongly committed to using my personal experiences and outreach to contribute to the causes critical to women empowerment. Health is a prerequisite for anyone to become the best version of themselves and achieve their dreams. Especially menstrual and reproductive health issues for women remain under-represented and unresolved and are still seen as a taboo in certain strata of our society. Gynoveda is doing a tremendous job of combining artificial intelligence and gynaecological expertise with evidence-based Ayurvedic medicines to help women combat some of these pertinent and looming health disorders. As a part of my association with the brand, I hope to be a catalyst for change to spread the message that women don't need to suffer in silence anymore."

Vishal Gupta, Founder and CEO of Gynoveda, elaborated on the brand's affiliation with the actress, said, "Our vision is to establish Ayurveda as the world's first choice for women to permanently solve menstrual disorders. Gynoveda combines Ayurveda, technology, content and community that makes women's healthcare easy, accessible and affordable from puberty to menopause. Taapsee is an icon for women's empowerment and has always challenged the status quo. Her views echo the mission that we have set to achieve and through this association, we hope to accomplish major transformations in the area of women's overall health and wellness."

Rachana Gupta, Co-Founder of Gynoveda, elaborated, "I have always believed that for a woman to look good outside, she must be healthy inside. At Gynoveda, we aim to help women get healthy inside to be strong outside. We evangelize the Ayurvedic diets that have a positive impact on their menstrual health. Taapsee hasn't just joined Gynoveda as a brand ambassador but will empower our shared vision as a change-maker to improve the way women perceive menstrual health."

Gynoveda uses Ayurveda to provide easily accessible, affordable treatment for women's vaginal, menstrual, and infertility-related concerns, and has helped over one lakh women treat chronic period problems in the previous two years.