Tennis prodigy Sania Mirza has recently partnered with, Southeast Asia's leading crowdfunding site, to collect funds to provide oxygen cylinders to COVID patients. The money raised from the crowd will go to the Hemkunt Foundation to support their 'O2 For You' campaign. The foundation is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to obtain and distribute free oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients throughout the country.

Commenting on the fundraiser, Mirza said, "India is gasping for breath in the second wave of COVID-19. The situation of despair unfolding on the streets and outside hospitals is absolutely heart-wrenching. Caregivers continue to struggle for getting hospital beds, oxygen, or lifesaving expensive COVID drugs. I comprehend people's pain and the emotions that a family goes through during these testing times. As a result, I have decided to partner with and started a fundraiser with an aim to provide oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients and support them to fight against the deadly virus.”

"I appeal to all of you to join my mission, to help India breathe. Let us raise funds to support the Hemkunt Foundation, which is working relentlessly to provide medical oxygen to COVID-positive patients. Remember, it doesn't matter how big or small the donation is because every single rupee counts! Come, let's help India breathe!” she added.

Commenting on the partnership, Varun Sheth CEO & Co-founder,, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Sania Mirza for her philanthropic endeavor to support Hemkunt Foundation. The initiative will help us to provide more oxygen cylinders to the COVID patients and save as many as lives possible. At Ketto, we are constantly working towards bridging the accessibility and affordability gap. For the past two weeks, Ketto has hosted over 2500 COVID relief campaigns of which 30 percent have been for oxygen and COVID care supplies. So far we have raised around INR 100 crore pertaining to COVID relief campaigns. We totally look forward to working with Sania and assisting her in her noble endeavor."

Individuals can show their support by contributing any amount that satisfies them via the Ketto fundraiser at Varun Sheth, Zaheer Adenwala, and actor Kunal Kapoor co-founded, South East Asia's most visited and trusted crowdfunding platform, with the aim of bridging the affordability gap. allows people to raise money for a variety of causes, including health and medical crises, natural disasters, education, travel, short-term emergency needs, sports, tournaments, festivals, faith, animal welfare, film/documentary production, women's empowerment, and many others. Ketto's main goal is to use technology to improve productivity, minimise redundancy, and increase impact in the country's social sector. To make a meaningful difference in the world, the organisation collaborates closely with hospitals, NGOs, and individuals. Keto campaigns currently raise more than Rs 300 crores a year for various causes.