Mental Health Clinics established in Manipur by Women of Bengaluru

Mental Health Clinics established in Manipur by Women of Bengaluru

By: WE Staff | Friday, 11 August 2023

The heart-wrenching Manipur Case has been a traumatizing event for everyone around the nation but the suffering individuals and witnesses have been deeply impacted by this. To overcome these feelings and help them to overcome the incidents, mental health camps have been established in Manipur by a mental health specialist from Bengaluru named Krithika Tharan.

She talked to many of those women and individuals who shared their horrifying experiences about how her family members had disappeared and were thought to be dead. They shared incidents of rape, death, and senseless destruction in Manipur as they dealt with their grief and pain. They also described the horror of violence that was unleashed against them.

Listening to these incidents, Dr Krithika raised questions that is Manipur not a part of India and that it is not being provided any support or requirements as people did during the natural calamities.

Sujadevi Adimooli LR, a mental health expert, Dr. Radhika Murugeshan, a psychiatrist, and Dr. Krithika have been in Manipur for five days. The group of friends is assisting people in coping with neurosis, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues by organizing camps for both mental health and emotional health.

They will leave the Kuki-Zo areas tomorrow and enter the Meitei areas. There are about 108 camps and about 80,000 people who don't have homes in the Churachandpur district. As they have lost everything, there is not only the trauma, grief, and anger of the past but also uncertainty about the future and how to restart their lives.

According to Sanjoy Hazarika, a former director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, trained counselors and mental health professionals must reach out to those who have experienced this trauma and abuse. They need mental healthcare which cannot be compensated through financial providing.