Kundapur's Sakshi Rides to Kashmir to Support Women's Empowerment

Kundapur's Sakshi Rides to Kashmir to Support Women's Empowerment

By: WE Staff | Monday, 6 June 2022

Sakshi, a student who rode her bike to Kashmir alone to advocate for women's empowerment, has returned to her village.

Sakshi Hegde, the daughter of Kumbhasi locals Pushpa and Shivarama Hegde, is a Kundapur Bhandarkar's College final-year B Com student. She acquired a year's training in bike riding and began her cycling adventure to Kashmir on May 25 after a year of training. Her bravery and adventurous spirit were warmly praised.

She completed a 6,000-kilometer journey in 12 days and returned after completing her goal. Men have already ridden their bikes to Kashmir. A woman from Ranebennur, Karnataka, rode her bike to Kashmir. Sakshi Hegde's trip for women's empowerment was unique.

Sakshi went to Bhandarkar's College after returning home in the morning. She told news reporters that she had accomplished her goal. “It took six days to go and six days to return. I had not planned where to stop in along the way. I obtained guidance, took up a hotel room and stayed. People praised me when they heard my intention.”

She said, “I have travelled 700 kilometres on a day. I reached Kashmir via Kumbhasi – Kolhapur – Panwil – Rajasthan – Ahmedabad and Gujarat. I avoided extra expenditure. The cost of fuel was less as the bike gave good mileage. I had to spend a total of Rs 30,000."

She added, “People have provided good guidance all along the way. They encouraged me in Rajasthan and Ahmedabad after hearing of my intention and aim of my trip. I obtained guidance from Google Maps. I watched army training at Srinagar, Kashmir. I did not feel the atmosphere of fear there.”

The trip of Sakshi Hegde has won high praise in the social media.