In all of its departments and subsidiary organisations, institutions, universities, and autonomous bodies, the Karnataka government has ordered a 33% reservation for women among outsourced employees.

In a circular dated May 19, Chief Secretary P Ravi Kumar stated that the state government had accepted outsourcing for data entry operators, housekeeping, drivers, and Group D personnel.

In addition, for women's empowerment, social justice, and equal job opportunities, the government has set aside 30% of civil service jobs for women.

“As outsourced employees, women are discharging their duties effectively. Hence, directions have been given to reserve 33 per cent of jobs for women for the services availed from outsourced employees,” the circular said.

It went on to say that any future tenders for outsourcing appointments, as well as the agencies with whom the agreement is made, should include a 33 percent reservation for women.

The directive applies to autonomous bodies, universities, local governments, and other government agencies, according to the circular.

The Chief Secretary stated that all government secretaries should ensure that this order is followed in all organisations, institutions, and bodies under their jurisdiction.