According to a new order passed by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), women who became mothers by adopting a child can now avail of the maternity leave of 180 days.

Shivayogi C Kalasad passed the order and stated that the six-month leave can be availed of before the child turns one or within the first year of adoption.

The state government passed an order in February 2020, which stated that adoptive parents could avail of paternity leave of 15 days and maternity leave of 180 days.

Paternity leaves have not been allotted by KARTC yet. But for an adoptive mother it is important to be treated on par with biological mothers and it has been welcomed widely by the staffers.

“I lost this maternity leave benefit when I adopted a child a year ago. I had a very hard time making time for baby. I used up all my pending leaves and even opted for leave without pay. At least this new order will prove beneficial for future mothers. This definitely was high time that something like this came up,” said a KSRTC staff member.

Another official form the department said, “We have only followed the government’s earlier order in our department now. Hope this helps women to bond with their kids and vice-versa.”

A third official said, “Just like other jobs, transport department jobs are stressful. They drain you physically as well. Let’s hope even paternity leave gets approved sooner.”

So far, if the mother already has two children, she was not able to use this facility.