The Indian Women Institutional League, which is also known as IWIL India has stated that the organization has future plans to mentor and incubate a million Women businesses by 2025.

IWIL is a non-profit organization (NPO) and nationwide brand empowering women entrepreneurs across 25 cities and has already worked with 20,000 plus women and MSME partners. The organization provides a world-class platform that incubates and accelerates women entrepreneurship. It founded with the primary goal of building skills and helping women scale their businesses through technology. In a similar vein, the NPO has been following the diligent goal of mentoring and incubating one million Women Entrepreneurs by 2025. The organization’s other programs like ‘Prerna’ and ‘Vivoki’ are renowned for inspiring young women towards bracing their skill sets in technology and helping them become independent.

“Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL India) plans to mentor and incubate a million Women businesses by 2025. It advocates Women entrepreneurship and empowerment through Technology Cohorts, Incubation workshops, networking events, and capacity building,” says Deepa Sayal, Chief Patron and President, IWIL India. Deepa is also a serial Entrepreneur and tech Founder of ADG and Vivoki India.

Over the years, IWIL India has conducted several impact workshops in India in partnerships with several prestigious organizations like Election Commission of India, Confederation of Indian Industry, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and Indian Institute of Management.

According to a recent report, the GDP of India is predicted to hit more than $13 billion in 2030. Consequently, the country is expected to become the world’s third-largest economy, with the government making a concerted effort to promote business-friendly conditions and entrepreneurship. Female entrepreneurs have contributed immensely to the Indian economy, with women-owned businesses employing over 13 million people.

Studies have revealed that 1/3 of Indian women entrepreneurs work in the agriculture sector, followed by manufacturing and retail trade. However, Deepa Sayal and her team at IWILIndia are looking to take it a notch higher by helping women leverage the power of technology to grow their business.

Indian Women Institutional League (IWIL) has already covered approximately 55,000 women, over 400 startups, and 89 colleges across 25 cities in India. The organization’s commitment to mentor one million women by 2025 reiterates the goal of stimulating and encouraging women entrepreneurship, capacitating women leaders, and emboldening the women-led business ecosystem to frame a future of socially and economically independent women.

IWIL India is looking to develop the next generation of women entrepreneurs who scale their businesses through technology. Consequently, the organization regularly hosts cohorts, networking events, leadership programs, and technology workshops across APAC, working several programs such as Mission Prerna and Vivoki India to achieve their goal.

WIL also guides women entrepreneurs through its premier programs and events that include Entrepreneurial and Incubation Workshops, Awareness Programs, Fundraising, Exhibitions and Roadshows, Business Coaching, Connect Academy, and Technology Development Programs. To nurture the leaders of tomorrow, IWIL aims to publicize the profound contribution of women to the country’s economy, advocate women entrepreneurship and empowerment, and back their missions. And, it intends to build awareness on industry insights and factoids amongst aspiring and budding entrepreneurs, while facilitating networking with industry mentors.