General MM Naravane, the Indian Army's Chief General, stated on Wednesday that the Indian Army is always working to promote women's empowerment.

Gen Naravane said, "in order to provide equal opportunities to women, the Indian Army has granted Permanent Commission (PC) to women officers, at par with their male counterparts. With the grant of PC, women officers can aspire to achieve greater glory, and shoulder higher ranks and responsibility”.

He also stated that plans are already in place at the National Defence Academy to begin inducting female cadets in June 2022. "The Corps of Military Police's (CMP) academy's first group of female troops has finished their training and joined their units. This is a significant step forward in the country's women's emancipation.

The Army Chief said, “in the field of Human Resource Management, including meeting the aspirations of our Women Officers. The first batch of women soldiers of the CMP has successfully completed their training and have joined their units. These are major developments towards women empowerment in the country”.