Over the years, women are working towards bringing the balance in much-needed gender disparity. Additionally, they are also striving really hard to financially support themselves and their family. In this process, women have lost track of their health and are constantly pushing themselves to attain success and create a niche for themselves in this competitive male dominant society.

However, Femtech comes as a support system for women to keep a check on their health in this fast-paced world. Especially in a country like India, where gender discrimination is pretty high and resulting in women getting access to healthcare centers are comparatively lower. Also, in their busy schedule women tend to ignore their health issues to focus on their career as well as the family. Thus, Femtech emerges as an ideal solution to enhance and promote women’s health.

In recent times, there is a rise in the application that helps in tracking women health such a menstruation tracker, ovulation, and pregnancy tracker and more. According to sources, out of the total population, women make about 51 percent and around 80 percent of healthcare decision for the family is taken by women out of which nearly 75 percent are more likely to as compared to men to use digital health solutions. However, this digital healthcare has certainly emerged as a boon. A few years ago, to confirm their fertility women has to visit the doctors on the second day of their menstrual cycle but now it could be done just by using a smartphone. This prevalence of tracking one's health through an application aids in extracting the health data brings numerous opportunities to create data-driven treatments that could be used to enhance the lives of various women.

These Femtech applications provide solutions for various women’s health issues, such as reproductive and maternity health, and other general health issues that include mental health, communicable disease, and chronic diseases. These being the basic health issues of Indian women, the primary concern includes affordable consultation, family planning, and fertility check, maternity and child care, other mental and chronic diseases. The Femtech aid is providing a cost-effective consultation for women and also these consultation sessions could be carried out right from their place, this indeed avoids unnecessary travel and is also a boon for some women who may be embarrassed to discuss their health issues in person.

With the numerous benefits, Femtech is largely expanding in India where women’s health issues are still considered taboo and demand a private discussion. Thus, making it difficult for women to talk about or seek advice on their health issues. However, Femtech aids in helping women to understand their bodies as every woman tends to have a different experience and varied period of time. This platform aids them to communicate and discuss their health with assured privacy and accurate consultation at a reasonable price.

Femtech provides at-home testing, as modern consumers demand handiness as well as affordability. Thus, many Femtech organizations offer at-home hormone testing services, and more. This platform also provides various anonymous data which would aid in research and development on women's health-related issues. Femtech apps help women in tracking their menstrual cycle as well as aid in family planning this could a vital issue for any working women, as unplanned pregnancy would disrupt their regular routines and could hinder their career as well. Thus, this platform helps women plan for their motherhood at an appropriate time when they have to attain career satisfaction and are physically and mentally ready to welcome their baby.