Citi India Extends 1-Year Work From Home Option for Women Post Maternity Leave

By: WE Staff | Thursday, 14 September 2023

Citibank India has rolled out a groundbreaking initiative by offering a one-year Work From Home (WFH) option to its female employees following their standard 26-week maternity leave. This bold move is designed to support and enhance career continuity for women within the organization.

In a statement, Citibank India explained that women employees can, as needed, request three months of WFH during the final trimester of pregnancy, subject to review and approvals. This extension essentially provides expecting and new mothers with the potential to work from the comfort of their homes for a cumulative period of 21 months.

The primary objective behind this forward-thinking initiative is to ensure that women can continue to pursue their professional aspirations during a crucial phase in their lives. Aditya Mittal, Chief Human Resources Officer for Citi India & South Asia, highlighted the significance of supporting women's career goals, ultimately aiming to increase female representation at senior levels within organizations.

Numerous studies have shown that women often face challenges in maintaining their careers after becoming mothers. Many tend to take extended breaks or drop out of the workforce entirely during this stage, which can have a lasting impact on their professional growth and can contribute to a lower percentage of women in leadership roles within organizations.

By offering this one-year WFH option, Citibank India aims to challenge these norms and provide women with the flexibility and support needed to continue building their careers while managing their responsibilities as mothers.

This progressive approach aligns with the global shift toward more inclusive and flexible work environments. As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, initiatives like this serve as positive examples for other organizations looking to empower their female employees and promote diversity in leadership positions.

Citibank India's commitment to retaining female talent and nurturing their career growth during critical life stages demonstrates a dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace that recognizes and addresses the unique challenges women often face in the professional world.