Bihar could soon witness female police officers riding scooters. They will be given two-wheelers to enable them quickly reach crime scenes.

Women police officers will soon be given scooties so that they may be on the scene quickly if they receive information of a crime against women or children.

The state of Bihar has begun the process of establishing women's support desks at all police stations.

The women aid desks will be staffed by female police officials (Sub Inspectors) and constables, according to the action plan created by the police headquarters.

In the first phase, 500 Bihar police stations were picked, with each receiving Rs 1 lakh to set up a helpdesk.

Financial aid is being offered to all police stations for help desks under the Nirbhaya Fund established by the Bihar government, with the state government additionally sanctioning Rs 5 crore for this.

In Bihar, there are 1,196 police stations, with the remainder being connected to the programme in the second phase.

Sanjay Kumar Jha, a Bihar minister, described the project as a "ground-breaking" step in the fight against crime against women and children in the state.

Sanjay Jha, the minister of Bihar, said, "another important initiative inspired by the vision of Nitish Kumar. Soon, women policemen will be seen on scooty. 500 help desks will be run by women sub-inspectors. Another effort to ensure a prompt solution to the problems of women".