Benefits to reap from Ayushman Bharat Health Mission

Benefits to reap from Ayushman Bharat Health Mission

By: Ramya, Content Writer | Tuesday, 29 November 2022

What is Ayushman Bharat health mission?

To tackle the healthcare problems that people faced in recent covid times, the government took the initiative of launching the Ayushman Bharat health mission last year. Launched by the honorable prime minister Narendra Modi, the mission has the aim to provide universal coverage to the healthcare sector. This mission is the first step towards changing the way healthcare facilities are delivered in our country and making quality healthcare accessible to all. By encouraging the use of technology, this mission aims at giving healthcare a new perspective.

Under this mission, the unified healthcare interface has the potential to enhance the national portability of healthcare facilities. As per the guidelines, individuals will have to create an Ayushman Bharat health account which will generate a unique health ID for you to have the Ayushman card with which you are entitled to reap numerous benefits. The creation of this digital healthcare facility will provide lots of advantages to eligible citizens. You need to be well aware of the advantages that the Ayushman Health Mission can fetch you to get the best out of this scheme.

Benefits of Ayushman Bharat Health Mission

  • One of the greatest benefits of ABHM includes the healthcare insurance policy of rupees 5 lakhs which covers the cost of 3 days of pre-hospitalization expenses and almost up to 15 days of post-hospitalization expenses. Added to that, it covers the additional cost of intensive and non-intensive healthcare facilities.
  • Provides a one-stop solution to compile all your medical documents including past records, test results, scans, appointments, etc. You no longer have to worry about collecting your medical information before going for a checkup as everything is available just a click away. Added to that, only the person with his/her unique Id can get access to his/her information which reduces the chance of adulteration.
  • If you have the eligibility which is determined if your family is listed in the SECC (Socio-economic caste census) database and you fulfill certain terms and conditions, you can get a health insurance policy irrespective of your age, gender, family size, etc.
  • If you fall under the eligibility criteria, you and your family can get healthcare facilities for free at government hospitals that too in a paperless and cashless manner. Added to that, you can avail the healthcare facilities from empaneled private hospitals that are listed by the government.
  • The procedures are created in a way that they are easily accessible for the girl child, women, and aged people. The scheme is created by keeping in mind the needs of the people belonging to the vulnerable category.
  • As per the mission, Swasthya Suraksha or medical protection is being provided to around 10 crore families. Mainly the focus is to improve healthcare in the rural sections of the country. The beneficiaries will be decided by SECC.
  • If you have the Ayushman card pdf downloaded, you can instantly search and compare the health professionals to avail treatments at an affordable rate which leads to greater patient satisfaction with minimal effort. This applies to PAN- India.
  • If you fall under the category listed by SECC and avail the health insurance, you do not have to pay any treatment amount to the hospitals, and any hospital that avails treatment costs irrespective of you being a benefactor will be latched.
  • The beneficiaries of the insurance policy will get access to almost 1350 healthcare packages that cost treatments, cost of medicines, surgery, traveling expenses, food and accommodation cost, any expense of diagnosis, etc.

Benefits of Ayushman Bharat Health Mission for the overall healthcare sector of our country

  • Speed up the process of achieving universal healthcare coverage.
  • Boost partnerships with private hospitals to make healthcare attainable and affordable for each citizen.
  • Optimum usage of the government health expenditure.
  • Improved delivery of healthcare facilities will enhance the life quality of people.
  • The reduced cost of healthcare will make healthcare easily accessible to the vulnerable and economically backward sections of the country.
  • The scheme will enable the healthcare sector to get a wider reach in delivering quality services.
  • Ideal expenditure of money into public healthcare services to enhance and empower the public sector.