Anuprabha Das Mazumder of West Bengal has the gender of her choice printed on a vital identity document in India, which is what may be called a significant step. She is the first person in the state, and probably the entire country, to have the designation "Transgender," or TG, stamped on her Aadhaar card.

The 29-year-old lady, formerly known as Achinta Das Mazumder and who identified as male before, recently had her gender changed. "I was having a lot of issues because my old Aadhaar listed my gender as male. The new card now bears my name and the gender with which I identify. I am overwhelmed because this indicates recognition of the third gender," she told.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) expanded its list of eligible supporting documents for verification in July this year by including TG identity cards. Anuprabha received her TG card from Dr. Virendra Kumar, the minister of social justice and empowerment, in May. As soon as UIDAI announcement was out, she registered for a new Aadhaar.

Anuprabha, on the other hand, has struggled to obtain a fresh Aadhar card bearing the TG stamp. The personnel at the Salt Lake, Kilkata Aadhaar centre were unable to assist her because they were not even aware that the TG card was a valid document.

Things began to change for her only after senior officials at the UIDAI headquarters in Bengal took steps to review her request. According to the National Transgender Portal, 216 persons have already requested the TG card, and 17 of them have already been granted one.

After revealing her identity, Anuprabha was cut off from her family and had to move to other locations in search of employment. She is currently employed with the NGO Prantakatha, which promotes the rights of women.