Out of the winning pitches, the creators of India’s first comic book on periods, Menstrupedia, secured INR 50 lakhs for 20 percent equity.

On the process of a startup formulation successful pitch, the startups co-founder Aditi Gupta, on the show recently shared some insights. Namita Thapar, CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, helped Gupta and co-founder Tuhin Paul, also her husband, with the funding.

In her Instagram post, Gupta reveals, “We submitted many pitch video before and after the audition. This process is tedious but also enjoyable,” she said. “Both the parties get to understand each other’s dynamics. Every single Shark in the tank contributes positively towards the common goal of funding business,” she wrote. Across India 198 startups were selected, Gupta revealed, out of 62,000 applications for Shark Tank India Season 1.

Before the actual shoots she also revealed that the teams do a lot of dummy pitches. “Led by some of the most talented and driven people, this army helps you with the minutest details about the pitch and the way you present your business and the idea.”

Successful entrepreneurs, the judges on Shark Tank India, have themselves become viral cultural icons in the first season which went on for 30 episodes. 67 startups bagged funding to the tune of INR 41.98 crore in Shark Tank India.