868 New Women Recruits Induct at Assam Rifles Centre; All Women-led Parade Oraganised

By: WE Staff | Friday, 4 March 2022

At the Assam Rifles Centre and School in Shokhuvi, Nagaland, eight hundred and sixty-eight new women recruits were inducted. A parade was organised to commemorate the end of 44 weeks of "gruelling training in the combat craft, weapon handling, jungle lane shooting, and other counter-insurgency operations specialisation," according to an official statement. Major Sita Shelke led the passing out parade (POP) this time, which was remarkable in that it featured solely female recruits. All frontline responsibilities will be performed by the recruits, who will now be referred to as riflewomen.

The governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Brigadier (retd) Dr B D Mishra, was present at the POP on Wednesday, which was also attended by Lt Gen PC Nair, AVSM, YSM, Director General Assam Rifles, and other senior personnel, according to the release. Governor Mishra addressed the gathering, congratulating the recruits and their parents while highlighting the Assam Rifles' long history and many roles.

Mishra urged the recruits to remain sincere in their service to the country while also keeping up with technological advancements.

The governor of Arunachal Pradesh also stated that the duty of female troops is more difficult than that of male soldiers since they are responsible for their families in addition to executing their tasks, according to the statement.

India's oldest paramilitary unit is the Assam Rifles. It began inducting riflewomen in all frontline roles in 2015.

These women have demonstrated their worth not only in the North East, but also in Jammu and Kashmir and in UN operations. Assam Rifles has 36 Riflewomen posted in Kashmir Valley as of now, while more than 34 have served in the UN Mission in the Golan Heights, Israel (UNDOF) and the Congo (MONUSCO).