'Prayas – ek Pahal,' a women's empowerment initiative, was launched in 2016 at Sant Nandlal Smriti Vidya Mandir (SNSVM) Ghatshila to help helpless women gain self-sufficiency, according to School Manager Dr Prasenjit Karmakar. Captain Dr RK Chaudhary, Principal of Ghatshila College, and Professor Indal Paswan were among those present at the event, which was held to distribute certificates to women who had benefited from the project.

Dr. RK Chaudhary, who spoke at the event, praised the school's efforts to empower women through the 'Prayas – ek Pahal' programme. Professor Indal Paswan congratulated the SNSVM management for launching the ambitious project to empower women, particularly those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

According to SNSVM Manager, Dr. Prasenjit Karmakar, 150 women have benefited from the scheme so far. "Through persevering efforts, the school administration will always try to make women, the important pillars of our society, stronger," he said.

Dr. Chaudhary, Principal of Ghatshila College, and Professor Indal Paswan presented certificates to all women who had benefited from the 'Prayas – ek Pahal' project. The women in attendance expressed their gratitude to the school's management committee for helping them become self-sufficient.

Pratima Dutta, the trainer for 'Prayas,' encouraged her students to meet challenges head on, as this was the motto of success.

Academic In-charge RG Chaumal, member of the School Management Committee Deputy Academic In-charge S R Dutta The show featured Saswati Rai Pattanaik, Teacher In-Charge Anup Kumar Pattanaik, Nilima Sarkar, Prayas In-Charge P Leela, and Trainer Pratima Dutta.

Saswati Roy Pattanaik, SNSVM's Deputy Academic In-charge, gave the vote of thanks.