Sunita Bhogal Sidhu: Bringing Years Of Industry Experience On Table To Match The Right Candidate With The Right Job

Sunita Bhogal Sidhu

Human capital is a valuable resource for a country's economic success as human resources are the most active of the numerous sorts of resources. The optimal usage of the country's natural resources necessitates both qualitative and quantitative human capital development. To place the competent candidate in the right job Sunita Bhogal Sidhu established the Nova International Group to assist clients globally in the recruitment process. An experienced recruiter and HR executive with over two decades of experience founded Nova International, Sunita is proud of her mission to improve the recruiting experience for women around the world and the firm uses its large network to connect the greatest candidates with the best opportunities to help them advance their careers.

Sunita holds a BA degree in Business with a Human Resource specialisation from London Guildhall University and while working she studied CIPD for in-depth knowledge of the HR process. With Nova International Sunita is providing help to numerous developing communities in recruitment procedures that will provide employment opportunities at the country’s local level.

Sunita Bhogal Sidhu, Founder, Nova International Group recently engaged in a oneon-one interaction with Women Entrepreneur Magazine.

Tell Us About Your Educational Journey & Prior Industry Experience. What Motivated You To Foray Into The Field Of HR? What Are Your Roles And Responsibilities As A Founder & How Do You Deal With The Challenges Related To It?

I graduated from London Guildhall University with a BA in Business and majored in HR. Here, I discovered a passion for all aspects of people development. I wanted to use my business expertise to have an impact on people’s lives. To advance my career, I studied for the CIPD while working in recruitment, which helped me to gain further experience.

I've always been aware of the glass ceiling that limits women's access to high positions and am proactive to close the gender wage gap and this was my motivation factor.

As the company's founder, I'm responsible for strategy, marketing, finance, human resource, technology, and operations functional areas of business. Since global recruitment is so complex, we must guarantee that all our policies and procedures adhere to established norms of conduct and that we are up to date on local legislation. Many unanticipated changes have occurred in recent years, but it is essential to continue to adapt to the environment.

What Was The Underlying Ideas Which Led To The Foundation Of Nova International? How Do You Foresee The Global HR Industry Evolving Shortly? What Is Your Vision For The Nova International Group’s Next Phase Of Growth?

While working in international recruitment for over twenty years, I've seen a lot of people in situations where they're underperforming - potentially because they weren't recruited into the correct roles, to begin with. I'm passionate about ensuring that businesses are backed by professional recruiters that understand the culture - both the company's and the country's - to make the perfect match at the first time.

"Sunita Bhogal Sidhu is providing international recruitment services in various industries. With Nova International, she is helping and encouraging women globally and key ethos is to support the developing communities"

Today, Nova International Group is a multiaward-winning worldwide recruitment firm that specialises in healthcare, executive, and commercial roles in various countries across the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States, and the Middle East. Nova International Group can assist clients with recruitment, headhunting, executive search, training, HR support, and performance management.

Nova International Group will continue to focus on expanding its global footprint and recruiting and headhunting for senior and corporate opportunities across a broader range of industries. The Nova International Group is dedicated to helping underdeveloped countries. Our objective is to establish Nova International Group's non-governmental organisation to remedy the global wealth imbalance.

What Have Been Your Most Significant Milestones? What Has Been The Driving Force Behind Your Success?

I've worked on large-scale projects with five thousand recruits around the world, as well as assisting startups, all of which have given me the experience I needed to start my worldwide recruitment firm. Setting up a recruitment firm is the pinnacle of most recruiters' careers, and I'm thrilled that Nova International Group has been so successful already during such a trying in time in history.

I was also honoured to get The Middle East International Recruitment Award, which was a tremendous honour to have my efforts recognised, and I was overjoyed to become a chartered professional through the CIPD.

"To be successful in this challenging world, you need to be forward-thinking and always looking one step ahead which is key for the team at Nova International Group"

My family has always been a major source of inspiration, and I've always considered myself an entrepreneur. It's also critical for me to show young women in my community that running a successful global business is achievable if you're hard working and dedicated, and that it can be done while raising a family.

As A Successful Businesswoman, What Would Be Your Advice To Young Girls & Women Who Are Aspiring To Be Future Leaders In This Field?

Throughout my career, I collaborated with colleagues and mentors to gain as much experience as possible in each role. I'd like to see more women in senior positions in large organisations, and I'm delighted that I am contributing to that goal.


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