Sangeeta Beri: Promoting India's Rich Cultural Heritage Internationally

Sangeeta Beri: Promoting India's Rich Cultural Heritage Internationally

Sangeeta Beri

"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced”, Leo Tolstoy. Stone sculptures from the different parts of India are a representation of the feelings of the artists of different states & religions of the country and are a symbol of our rich culture and heritage. Stone carvings are probably one of the oldest forms of art and are known to be the favored medium of artistic expression since ancient India. But not much has changed for the artisans since that ancient era. While the artisans struggle with hardship, their art is on the verge of fading out.

Understanding the need to preserve, perpetuate and promote the art & its dignity in international fora, Sangeeta Beri founded The Stone Studio. Her organization is an endeavor to create an ecosystem that helps artisans across the country to bring their artworks in contact with the buyers thereby building a strong sustainable network. “I have experienced how difficult it can be for an artist to connect with their art lovers, and so my gallery focuses on bridging the gap by going online globally and creating employment opportunities for Indian artisans”, says Sangeeta. The prominent leader is creative, optimistic, and passionate about her work. Let’s hear it from her.

Give Us A Brief Overview Of The Company And Its Unique Characteristics.

“Stones do not perish; they are the authors of history. As a result, when we create anything, it's almost as if we're re-creating it. It is a testament to our aspirations for the next generation, this is what I believe” -Sangeeta Beri. The Stone Studio is more than just a gallery with hundreds of antiques, statues, and sculptures made from stone, wood and fibre resin; it aspires to touch every nook of art-loving people's emotions. We entirely concentrate on customizations, which is a very uncommon job challenge not taken on by any other sculpture manufacturing firm. We put a lot of effort into educating our clients about our products, informing our clients of the status of the project, and making sure safe & on-time delivery of the products.

What Are Some Of The Most Pressing Challenges That You Faced In Your Role? How Did You Successfully Overcome Them?

Collaboration with a male-dominated workforce, which is new to the statue manufacturing sector, was the mammoth challenge I faced as a woman. I encountered several people who found it challenging to cooperate with my research. However, I continued to work diligently which helped me shatter their mindsets and train them to view things from a wider angle. Also, after covid, we began concentrating on the online market, which was a real challenge for us because of our ethical treatment of our clients. However, with the hard work of our team customers retained their trust in us.

What Have Been Some Of The Most Significant Milestones That You Have Achieved In Your Professional Journey? Also, What Is The Driving Force Behind Your Success As A Business Leader?

The largest accomplishment is earning the confidence of our customers as well as the artisans. Working with more than 500+ satisfied D2C customers globally, The Stone Studio has advanced to a new level. For the past two years, the organization has taken on significant art creation challenges and is generating buzz in the sculptural art industry. This isn't only restricted to India; we enjoy serving people all over the world with the same zeal and passion. The two driving forces behind my success are my passion for art and my artisans. The artisans carve wonders from raw stone but if there are no takers, the beautiful marvels are left aside and due to the financial stress, the best artisans devour their route to a more viable livelihood. Which in turn leads to a huge loss to the art industry. My success lies in retaining not just the art form but also the artisans and their livelihoods.

What Would Your Advice Be To Young Women Who Also Aspire To Become Entrepreneurs In The Future?

Dream big. When your goals are aspirational, it doesn't matter how many times you fail. You can get back up with the aid of your quest. It is amazing to be a leader, therefore take advantage of it and be thankful that people have chosen to accompany you into combat. You start performing at your best as soon as you stop fretting and accept things as they are.

"My success lies in Retaining not just the Art form but also the Artisans and their Livelihoods"

In response to a question regarding the company's future goals, Sangeeta Beri said, "Indian art and culture industry needs to evolve drastically. The art and sculpture market is transforming from a traditional collectibles mindset to an investment mindset, and several companies have started mutual funds for art and sculptures. These mutual fund companies invest their customer’s money for around four years and invest in buying profitable art works. The industry’s Global TAM is 65.1 billion US dollars as per the report by Statista.

We just need to push on the finest tactics to seize the opportunity in an ocean-sized market. Every individual creates his or her ideal home, and we have the chance to enhance that one particular space in each home that he or she imagines as being peaceful. We are necessary for every temple, garden, landscaping, balcony, yoga studio, resort, hotel, puja location, and any realm one could imagine of. We have plans in pipeline to create several offline outlets for obtaining market exposure and greater traction in order to boost the growth of The Stone Studio.

Sangeeta Beri, Founder, The Stone Studio

Having an MBA from the RCM, Bhubaneswar, Sangeeta is currently the founder of The Stone Studio which was built with the motive to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers.

Educational Qualification: Master’s in Business Administration

Services Provided By The Firm: Educate and customize products as per client's need and preference. The company works to match the customer's ideas, stone needs, placing preferences, and budget

Headquarters 680, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.