Moutuli Mitra: Broadening Businesses Opportunities Through The Power Of Strategic Business Development

Moutuli Mitra
Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Co-founded by Moutuli Mitra, DataSpace Security (DSS) is an ISO 27001 & 9001 Certified Company currently offering services in diverse security areas from its India and Dubai premises and teams. People who know her in the cybersecurity industry recognize her as one of the most diligent and responsible leaders. Endowed with amazing team handling skills, she always tries to successfully convert strategic decisions taken along with the leadership team into effective go-to-market initiatives, thus creating value for lakhs of aspiring youth and various organizations by placing them at the edge of the cybersecurity domain.

At DSS, Moutuli is responsible for establishing and executing the organization's business development strategy which includes identifying target customers, establishing pricing, managing execution of sales strategy, and redefining the business model. She embraces Swami Vivekananda's saying "In a day when you don't come across any problems - you can be sure that you are traveling in a wrong path."

Moutuli shares about the company and her inspirational journey with Women Entrepreneur India. Read the excerpts of her empowering thoughts.

Give A Brief Overview Of Your Brainchild. What Does The Brand Stand For?

The journey began in February, though the idea was born and nurtured in the year back in 2020. DSS is a team of certified ethical hackers, penetration testers, ISO 27001 Lead Auditors, CISSP, ITIL professionals, CISM Auditors, and SOC Analysts working with the aim of providing quality and impactful services on cybersecurity compliances following all GDPR guidelines.

DSS also holds its training and education vertical named DataSpace Academy, which is EC COUNCIL accredited Training Academy providing 100+ courses in developing solid and impactful manpower in the security and information systems as per the international trend.

Take Us Through Your Early Journey. How Does Your Prior Experience Help In Your Current Role As The Co-Founder & CBDO At Dataspace Security?

I completed Engineering in Information technology and had some years of experience working with IT firm, then my passion of becoming a Marketing & Salesperson hit me hard as I was quite bored with the daily routine type job. I shifted to Marketing & Sales, as I always loved to take challenges, and I always believe life throws challenges at every level, it is like winning easy levels to tough levels of a game. Hurdles and challenges are part and parcel of life. So, it always gave me tons of enthusiasm and zeal to create something new out of the business and make it run successfully. I made it happen and I completely shifted my domain from Software to Business Development.

My prior experience helped me go into every detail of Business Development and go through every nook and corner of my work, I am a planned person, very systematic, and optimistic.

Mention The Most Challenging Aspects Of Starting A Business In This Niche And How To Overcome These Obstacles?

Not every security startup makes its founders multi-millionaires. For every billion-dollar success story, thousands of companies will develop security products you will never hear about, let alone buy. There are not many specific data about security startup failures, though around 90 percent of technology startups fail within the first three years, regardless of funding.

The odds are stacked against every new business, especially tech startups. However, I maintain just five key elements right ­ leadership, staffing, product differentiation, engaging the market, and launch timing ­ a startup maximizes its chances of future prosperity.

We Founders must be cognizant of their own strengths and weaknesses and make tactical hires to fill skills gaps.

“A clear vision and focused approach is the first practical step that comes once you get mentally ready to fight the challenges”

What Have Been Some Of The Most Significant Professional Milestones Achieved By You Over The Years? What Has Been The Driving Force Behind The Success That You Have Achieved So Far?

I feel very happy for having secured more than 100+ companies in six months and created more than 100+ cybersecurity professionals worldwide. We have inaugurated our office in Saudi Arabia to operate in the Middle East and Asia region. Also, have already achieved the Most Promising Cybersecurity Company ­ Indian Achievers' Award 2021 from the Indian Achievers Forum.

I believe that we ourselves are the driving force behind all that we achieve. Because we should be motivated enough for functioning well in our day-to-day life, I work accordingly and keep myself motivated and charged up following a good diet and good routine. Moreover, my parents always encouraged me to create an identity first, which is very much essential for any individual, irrespective of gender.

I also owe this to my basic education and schooling in De Nobili School, Maithon Jharkhand, without my alma mater I would not have become what I have become today. And of course, there is constant support from near and dear ones.

What Is Your Guiding Leadership Philosophy To Build Teams And Organizations?

Recruiting staff who share the founders' vision, are prepared to work long hours, and can adapt to the changing demands of a fledgling business is no easy task. Once the talent is on board, the business must lock it in, keep employees engaged, and give them the responsibility and freedom to contribute towards company goals.

Startups cannot afford to waste time and funds developing products that the market is not willing to buy. This means having an intimate understanding of the security marketplace, the value of the market segment being targeted, and the shortcomings of competitors.

It is greatly important to communicate to the market about the product and what it can do better than any other security solution. Established players spend millions on marketing and advertising while startups must compete (in comparison) on a shoestring budget. We use social media to engage the community and provide thought leadership to generate `buzz' and demonstrate their security credentials.

Online presence is however no substitute for interacting with the security community face-to-face and listening as well as talking. Security products must function properly from day one and problems in a production environment can destroy confidence among early adopters. The first to market certainly has an advantage, but this should not be at the expense of a quality product. It must be thoroughly tested, piloted with multiple customers for detailed feedback, and revised before launch.

“We founders must be cognizant of their own strengths and weaknesses and make tactical hires to fill skills gaps”

What Would Your Advice Be To Young Women Who Aspire To Become Business Leaders And Entrepreneurs In The Future?

In my opinion, the natural character of a woman can make her a very good efficient entrepreneur. She never gives up. A woman entrepreneur bears all hardships and takes up the challenges and strategies to be successful in life through self-made mistakes. She never stops until what she wants is what she has. But never will she let her mistakes and failures cloud her judgment of what is right and what is wrong.

My suggestions to an aspirant would be to destress and focus right, set your priorities right, learn the business fundamentals, prioritize your time and energy, optimize your social network and profile, promote your business, and shed your fear of failure.

Moutuli Mitra, Chief Business Development Officer & Co-Founder, Dataspace Security

A performance-driven leader and a team facilitator with a well-defined vision and goal. She recently conferred the Indian achievers' award for the most promising cybersecurity company 2021 on behalf of dataspace security.

Cheat Sheet For Entrepreneurship

· Have a solid business plan

· Prepare for financial challenges

· Be frugal ­ remember you're a start-up

· Don't be afraid to ask for help

· Put your faith in a trusted mentor

· Marketing on a shoestring budget

· Look after health, relax and be productive

· Build a team that shares your vision

· Never stop learning


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