Karthika Das: A Sedulous Entrepreneur Practicing Quality Business

Karthika Das: A Sedulous Entrepreneur Practicing Quality Business

Karthika Das
Founder & Managing Director

Women entrepreneurs have been contributing a significant part in fostering the business culture of India. Some women come from a business background to take forward the baton, and the other with a fresh start. However, sometimes they surprise others with their diligence and careful step in business despite being a startup entrepreneur. For Karthika Das, nothing stopped her from dreaming big and taking the giant leap in her career. It is her strong determination and bold decisions that paved the way right in giving shape to her idea for Mediahawks Advertising. Karthika has over 20 years of experience in various domains like Office Automation, Logistics, life insurance, event management, media advertising and branding. She keeps a great value in maintaining strong relations with her clients and stay connected with them. Karthika holds her distinct values true to the heart and is seen as a woman of her employees, giving each their own space which makes them grow both personally and professionally.

In a brief conversation with Women Entrepreneur, Karthika Das walks us through her entrepreneurial journey and how she turns hurdles into benefits.

“Pearls of wisdom: if you are not a brand, then, you are just a commodity. We believe - "great marketing can change a brand’s destiny"”

What is the motive to don the hat of an entrepreneur, especially in a teeming segment like pr and advertisement?

Though I hail from a middleclass family without any business background, my mother was the epitome for my entrepreneurial dream. I grew seeing her unparalleled PR skills in merchandising. Also, her relentless efforts to shoulder my father in making ends meet was truly remarkable and inspiring. Throughout my journey, I experienced a sort of suffocation working within the established companies, which I realized was a hindrance in bringing out my true potential. Though my upbringing has been in sales and marketing, I value good PR and advertising as two irreplaceable factors.

My perception in any field or profession is simple- One should never be judgemental. Likewise, no job is superior or inferior. It is one’s exposure and experience gained over a period that stands as strong pillars for their path to success.

Upon establishing mediahawks, what were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of entrepreneurship? Also, what are the significant milestones that you have achieved, both as an individual and a business owner?

To become an entrepreneur was a dream come true for me. Moreover, to achieve that dream was challenging. My experience gained over the period with various corporates helped me to take the bold step forward. The struggles have undergone, the hardships, and challenges faced during my career, comprised and complemented to starting a business firm of my own.

As an individual, it is the results achieved as recognitions, promotions, and the experience gained throughout my career life that makes the landmark in paving my way to entrepreneurship. Besides that, a cheerful friend circle and a highly supportive family supplements my path forward. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to create a healthy work environment that allows my employees to balance between work and family. In my opinion, advertising is not a 9 to 5 job, but rather a job that emphasizes and prioritizes client needs.

Tell us about mediahawks advertising. What is the unique proposition your company offers that other companies in the same segment fail to deliver?

We are focused more on bettering our service than awards and achievements. As a startup, Mediahawks had a business turnover of over a crore within one year. We maintain consistency and are continuing. Growth is a regular process, and we believe that we are in the path of evolution at every moment. We have always focused on creating value to what we deliver and to add some little extra flavour which makes a wow appeal. As a team, we emphasize solutions with a thematic approach.

What advice/suggestions do you have on mind for the budding entrepreneurs in the field of pr & advertisement?

Public relations and advertising are two critical, challenging elements in an entrepreneur’s life. To be creative is even more challenging. It is imperative to develop a flair within one to work without making any compromise to bring out the best. There are no shortcuts to success. One should never be biased. Only those who can risk going too far can find out how far one can go.

Karthika Das, Founder & Managing Director, Mediahawks Advertising

A graduate in English Literature from the University of Kerala, Karthika Das has a work experience that spans 20 years. She found her space in the entrepreneurship arena in 2018 with establishing Mediahawks Advertisement.