Hinal Jethwa: Blending New Concepts with Creativity

Hinal Jethwa: Blending New Concepts with Creativity

Hinal Jethwa

In order to attract a large audience, one has to provide them with something which is eyecatching and which stays in their cognitive memory forever. Creating attractive content takes hours of discussions, shooting, editing, client approval, final touch and whatnot. Aiming to provide the audience with a mind-boggling experience Hinal Jethwa established Cutting Eddges Films. Hinal graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce. As a media professional, she holds demonstrated experience in video editing and also possesses skills in photography, advertising, videography as well as filmmaking. Women Entrepreneur Magazine recently engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Hinal Jethwa. Let’s hear it from her.

Tell us about your educational background and prior industry experience. What led to the inception of Cutting Eddges?

I started my educational journey at Navodaya English High School in Mulund; afterwards, I went to my junior college, which is V.G. Vaze Kelkar College in Mulund. I completed my bachelor's degree in mass media from K J Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce. I started working when I was in college, and during that period, I met people as well as gained knowledge from them. During my college days, I started working for a YouTube Channel named Scoopwhoop Media but due to the strict college policies regarding attendance, I had to leave the job in between. I tried doing other jobs as well but it didn’t make me happy and satisfied, and during the lockdown, I also did some freelance projects. After years of hustle, I established my own venture Cutting Eddges Films and luckily my experience helped me gain a lot of clients. Currently, I do not have a team but I do hire people on a project basis that is as freelancers. No matter if it’s a slow start but I am no short of work and satisfied clients.

What are some significant milestones that you achieved so far?

Even before Cutting Eddges, if I can say that I've worked on a variety of big brands and that I'm still working on a variety of big brands, that feels like an accomplishment to me. I've worked with Godrej, Tata, and even Volkswagen, for whom I created commercials, and I'm proud of it. Apart from that, I did a show earlier; it was called a potluck. I'm proud of my efforts and achievements, but in the future, I'd like to work as a director and producer on feature films.

"Initially, things will not Be easy, but with patience And perseverance, you Can overcome every Obstacle"

What are your areas of specialization as a video editor? What were the critical challenges you faced in your current role?

I am a video editor, but currently, I am also producing videos, I work on the script of the video and deliver the final product to the client.

There are quite a few challenges that I face in my current role, so being a woman, you have to maintain certain personal boundaries, but clients don't understand that part. I am a video editor, a content creator, and an entrepreneur; all of this keeps me busy most of the time, but I manage to juggle between these roles.

Throw light on some of the most noteworthy projects you have worked upon as a video editor so far.

Some of my most notable accomplishments include serving as an Assistant Editor for web shows such as 'Potluck', 'The Expedition', and 'Kia Karens Commercial', including holding the lead editor role for Udaan and Grow Ad films. I have also edited AVs for major brands such as McDonald's, Jaguar, Gulf India, Vadilal, and more, while my most recent edit had been for Volkswagen and Godrej Interview films. Additionally, I also work as a motion graphic designer with Good Glam Group's Good Creator Co, and create Instagram content for well-known influencers. My newest project involves creating content for Scoopwhoop Hindi.

As per your experience, what advice you would like to give to young women who would like to be upcoming entrepreneurs in the media and entertainment industry?

This field requires a lot of dedication so if you have come this far, do not give up on your dreams. Initially, things will not be easy, but with patience and perseverance, you can overcome every obstacle. I would like to say to all women that if you are manifesting for something then it will come true someday, I have seen it myself.

Hinal Jethwa, Founder, Cutting Eddges Films

To give the audience a mesmerizing audio-visual experience, Hinal Jethwa is demonstrating her leadership skills by providing her clients with cutting-edge editing solutions through Cutting Eddges Films.