Dr. Anitha Ethamukkala: A Dental Expert Continuously Working Towards Giving New Smiles To People

Dr. Anitha Ethamukkala

Founded by Dr. Anitha and based on the philosophy of Health and Hygiene go hand-in-hand, Vistadent is beautifying the smile of its patients by providing extreme dental care and personal interest. Bestowed with the award of Best family Dentist of Hyderabad by MAMR in 2019, Dr. Anitha believes in establishing a strong Doctor-Patient relationship by providing patients top-quality services and valuable suggestions.

Engaging in an interactive session with Women Entrepre­neur Magazine, Dr. Anitha Ethamukkala, Founder, Vistadent, shares on how VISTADENT dental clinic has made its name as a one stop dental service provider. Here’s the snippet from the interaction.

Give us a brief about Vistadent. Also, Tell us about your educational journey and prior industry experience. What motivated you to foray into the field of healthcare and specialize as a dentist.

At the VISTADENT dental clinic, we provide our clients with various dental services with individual attention and care. Here, we take extreme care in cleaning and sterilizing our tools and our philosophy is to maintain hygiene and health. Our doctors will always give honest suggestions regarding the patient's problems and avoid false promises as they mislead the patient and cause unnecessary complications.

Since childhood, I was keen on becoming a doctor and con­tinued to pursue it. I appeared in medical exams but missed the medical seat with a single mark which led me to take up BDS, Bachelor of Dental surgery. I pursued BDS with all enthusiasm and zeal which took me where I am today.

Tell us about your varied expertise as a dentist. What are some dental procedures and technologies that you are largely known for? Also, tell us about your role as the founder of Vistadent and how do you face the challenges related to it?

Professionally, I am an orthodontist or orthodon­tic appliance specialist dealing with smile correction and jaw position. As per my take, an orthodontist is a SMILE ARCHITEC because our treatment reconstructs or redraws the overall structure of the face. So basi­cally, it can be a life-changing experience if one has a dedicated orthodontist. My fundamental strengths are my keen sense of root cause analysis, individualized planning of treatment steps, and the ability to envision outcomes in advance.

As the founder of Vistadent, one of the principles I follow at the clinic is to maintain the consistency of the staff, from the assistant to the visiting doctor, as this allows our work to run smoothly. Every private prac­titioner must gain out of practice while doing ethical practice without crossing the barrier. The most chal­lenging aspects as a founder are switching practices twice and maintaining employee consistency. Starting from scratch in a new location, educating previous patients, and raising awareness of the new location are challenging tasks.

What have been the most significant milestones that you have achieved so far? What has been the driving force that helped you build an illustrious career?

Achieving maximum patient satisfaction is what I consider the biggest milestone for any physician, and I am no exception. By God’s grace, I am so lucky to have very nice patients who love me so much and they come to get me even after a few years. I have received an award called BEST FAMILY DENTIST IN HYDERABAD by MAMR in 2019. I have never worked for any awards and I consider no award as the pinnacle of my career but it is the energy or confidence that helps us perform even better.

Self-motivation and passion are the best motiva­tors for anyone to pursue any profession or career and excel. The same applies to me.

“Self-motivation and passion are the best driving forces for anyone to take up any profession or career and excel”

How was the dental industry evolved especially since COVID 19? How do you stay in tune with periodic evolutions in your industry?

The dental profession has changed a lot in the last 10 to 15 years with the advent of digital technology and modern science. Dental surgeons have had to learn many new treatment modalities to keep up with ever-changing technological advances. Patients are now aware of different treatments through social media and the rising aesthetic expectations add to the things that keep dentists interested in them. This increases the burden on dentists in clearing their doubts and finding the best treatment option that can be most beneficial to the patient.

In terms of COVID 19, of course, it’s a huge threat and a setback for the dental profession, where you have to work while exposed to Covid. As a result, it was diffi­cult for dentists for a few months, and then we con­trolled the transmission of decease through the usage of certain devices to control the spread of viruses.

What advice would you like to suggest to young women and girls who are aspiring to become business leaders in the healthcare sector?

My first piece of advice to younger female dentists choosing to pursue a private practice is to build patient trust by providing them with ethical treatments while avoiding invasive procedures. Second, soft skills are an essential part of building a private practice where patients seek comfort and empathy in addition to receiving appropriate treatments. Thirdly, having a good presence on digital platforms is mandatory in the present scenario irrespective of how good you are at treatment. Having a noticeable presence on a digital platform is a prerequisite for anyone who wants to grow their business well.

Dr. Anitha Ethamukkala, Founder, Vistadent

Famous for being the best dentist in Hyderabad, DR. AnitHa, Founder of Vistadent, is providing best-in-class dental care to her clients with utmost care and personal services.