Dr. Anaisha Sukh: Defining New Benchmarks In Skin & Hair Care

Co-Founder & CEO

Our first dermatologists are our mothers and grandmothers, who used to oil our hair with love and counter our minor skin issues with home remedies and herbal mixtures; skin and hair care have roots in ancient beauty rituals. However, today we are inundated with products that are full of toxins and harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, very few mavens are coming forward to build awareness and make natural products a sensation. Though people are getting more conscious about using organic products, choosing a trustworthy brand is crucial. With the same love and care of a mother, Ma Earth Botanicals is making serious inroads in the beauty and wellness industry and is known as a brand that offers plant-based formulations, which are all-natural, sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan.

Co-founded by Dr Anaisha Sukh, a trained Homoeopath, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. Ma Earth Botanicals is an innovative and sustainable company that manufactures the finest products with ingredients that are sourced naturally and directly from Mother Nature. In a sector where toxic and synthetic chemicals have become the norm, Ma Earth Botanicals prides itself in not using any harmful preservatives, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic colors or toxic chemical agents. Appreciating the company's efforts to make a big difference, Women's Entrepreneur India engages an exclusive interview with Anaisha, Co-founder & CEO, to know more about her journey and philosophy about the company's products and its customers.

Tell us about your brainchild and its business philosophy.

Ma Earth Botanicals is a skincare and haircare brand whose recipes showcase a rich tapestry of the wellness culture from India, Iran, London and West Africa, rooted in deep respect for planet earth and its elemental relationship with well being. We combine timeless natural remedies and plant extracts with signature essential oil blends to balance five elements (earth, water, fire, wind and ether) in the body. Our compositions are deemed 'medicinal' and free from chemical additives, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors. We consciously use the finest quality of herbs, botanicals, plant actives and pure essential oils in every product, which is then hand blended and packed.

Ma Earth Botanicals believes that 'what we consume inside, reflects on the outside', leading us to a natural and holistic path towards health, beauty and overall well-being. Our philosophy is also reflected in our commitment to growing organically, one step at a time, focusing on the craft and skill of formulating our recipes, keeping in mind the quality and sustainability of the ingredients and above all, delivering the best naturally made products for our customers who are beauty as well as health-conscious.

We are a preferred spa and bathroom amenities partner to some of India's most prominent and globally renowned luxury hospitality brands while also selling directly to our discerning customers through our website and e-commerce platforms.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience. What motivated you to venture into entrepreneurship?

Trained at The London College of Classical Homoeopathy, I'm a licensed Homoeopath, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. My initial practice was in Lagos, Nigeria, for nearly ten years before starting Ma Earth Botanicals with my mother, who is also an Architect, licensed Homoeopath and practicing Naturopath.

My mother, a woman of immense grit and determination, is a force to reckon with. Our recipes are our combined creations, formulated with hours of experimentation and innovation. Our deep commitment to the natural way of living drives us to motivate people to use nature as therapy. My mother inspired me to start a business with a simple belief that nature cures all, which has led to the growth of Ma Earth Botanicals.

What are some unique features of Ma Earth botanicals?

As Homoeopaths, we believe in treating the ailment specific to the individual by using a tiny amount of potentized natural substances, like plants and minerals, to stimulate the body's natural response system to fight disease and heal itself.

Ma emphasizes quality! We do not exist to compete, not compromise on the quality of our products. Instead, we always work closely with our institutional clients to formulate new blends and products: they too love being involved in the creative process.

What responsibilities do you shoulder at Ma? How do you keep up with the industrial changes?

Although it's been an exhilarating ten-year journey for Ma Earth, I am still very much hands-on and closely involved in every aspect of the business. Of course, we are fortunate that we have an ace team that delivers excellence and takes some load off my shoulders, but honestly, nothing beats being directly involved. The personal touch makes all the difference, and our clients love this aspect of our brand.

“My parent's support, drive and passion inspired and encouraged me to take the bold step of becoming a first generation entrepreneur in the fiercely competitive luxury beauty and wellness market”

Every leader and every company, irrespective of the fields, must constantly stay aligned with the latest developments in their market, especially regarding customer demand and competition. I believe that it is essential to ensure that we are not only ahead of the game but define the market trend and set new benchmarks for the industry.

What have been the most significant milestones that you have achieved?

Raised in a family of professionals, becoming a first generation entrepreneur itself was a leap of fortitude. That courageous step, I feel, was the most significant milestone. It was a defining moment for me because it was at that time I decided never to look back and go forward into the unknown by just trusting my gut.

Another big milestone was when we signed our first major hotel brand as a client. It reaffirmed our decision regarding the company and the direction we wanted it to take. Our core values and product philosophy were something our customers not only wanted but was also sorely missing in the market. Ma Earth has never looked back since then. Our customers and institutional client lists have been on an ever expanding path. So we are truly humbled by the overwhelming response we have gotten.

Anaisha, Co-Founder & CEO, Ma Earth Botanicals

Delivering high-quality luxury cosmetics that are natural, organic; SLS, paraben and chemical free.

Wise Words

One vision, grit and determination! It is critical to focus on a dream, make it the purpose of your life, and turn it into reality. That's not all; feed off your inner strength to stay committed despite all inevitable challenges. Burning passion, fierce faith and beautiful acceptance.


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