Bindu Chandra: Promising Dental Care With World Class Experience

Bindu Chandra

There is no shortage of dental clinics across the country. However, when it comes to providing high-quality dental healthcare services, Indian dental clinics are yet to meet those standards. Keeping those things in mind, Bindu S Chandra, MD, Curaden Dental Clinic ventured into dental healthcare through Curaden Dental Clinic, a one-of- its-kind International dental healthcare service provider. Curaden also has its line of dental products manufactured at its Switzerland branch and also provides preventive dental care services at all of its branches.

In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur, Bindu shares her motivation behind venturing into dental healthcare, facilities and services offered at Curaden, and much more:

Throw some light on your early education and prior industry experience. Tell us about business lessons that you learnt over the years?

After completing my B.Com and MBA specializing in Banking, Finance, and Insurance I did my Masters in Human Resource Management. I was lucky enough to travel along with my father on his frequent overseas business trips, which gave me exposure to the advanced health care facilities including the quality dental care practices followed in western countries. I started the Dental clinic in 2010. The unavailability of quality dental clinics that followed high standard dental practices in Bangalore paired with my determination of providing a perfect smile and dental hygiene to everyone, especially the young ladies, were the factors behind my venturing into dental healthcare.

What are the various roles & responsibilities that you shoulder at Curaden Dental Clinic? What are some of the most challenging aspects of your role as the MD? How do you overcome them?

As the MD, I go through the patient data and interact with the patients from time to time about their experiences, and the practices followed in operations at the clinic. As we are established in the UK & Europe, I am also in constant touch with the specialist's team there regarding the practices followed or the patient’s complications if any with regards to the treatment and incorporating the same to the complete satisfaction of my patients.

As I am not from a dental background, my biggest challenge as the MD was to learn about the dental practices and understand all the different dental specializations to get the best dentists on board to make Curaden Dental Clinic the best.

Give us a brief overview of Curaden Dental Clinic. What are some unique features of Curaden Dental Clinic that sets it apart from other dental clinics?

Curaden Dental Clinics India Pvt Ltd. is a Joint Venture between Global Tech Park Pvt Ltd., India, with interests in the area of Real- Estate, IT, Renewable energy, Design Engineering, and Curaden Group of Switzerland. We are dedicated to promoting healthy, beautiful teeth and a great smile. Our state-of-the-art clinic and world-class facilities are the first of their kind in India. Our Dentists are internationally qualified and experienced in making patient care truly world-class and is in a league of its own. We adhere to strict Global standards of hygiene with our unique and accountable sterilization process.

From an early age, we are told to brush our teeth. But we were not taught as how to to do it the right way. We do not know the best way to do the same or the dental products that we should use. Our friendly staff are committed to helping all of our patients to strive towards maintaining oral health and maximizing the lifespan of the teeth. Apart from regular dental treatments we also specialize in ‘preventive dental clinic’. We manufacture our very own line of dental products by the brand “Curaprox” in Switzerland which we sell all over the world.

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as it’s the mistakes that will help you to reach even greater heights”

What are some of the major milestones that you have achieved so far in your professional journey? What is your guiding leadership philosophy?

There have been numerous memorable milestones that we have achieved as a team such as opening the first international dental practice in India, the first dental practice to do ‘All On Four’ dental implant surgery successfully in Bangalore, the first dental practice to have our own Dental Healthcare products manufactured by us at Curaprox Switzerland, the first dental practice to start Preventive Dental Clinic in India and so on.

My ability to lead by example, take initiatives as well as decisions effortlessly, and encouraging my team has been my greatest strength and are also my guiding leadership philosophy.

How do you stay updated about evolutions in your industry? Any bits of advice to young women and girls who aspire to become Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs in the future?

Similar to every other field, the dental practice also requires us to stay updated. At Curaden, we try to keep ourselves abreast of the newest techniques and latest dental instruments. All of our dentists try to keep themselves updated with their respective dental courses by attending regular conferences as well as reading newer materials. We also have access to continuous research and development facility at our dental academy in Switzerland.

The advice I would like to give to young women and budding entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves as it’s only you who can make it happen. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as it’s the mistakes that will help you to reach even greater heights!!

Bindu Chandra, MD, Curaden Dental Clinics, India Pvt Ltd

Through Curaden Dental Clinic, Bindu Chandra provides high-quality dental healthcare service to the patients with help of internationally qualified team of dentists. As part of her role as the Managing Director, Bindu also manages the operations and practices offered at other branches of Curaden present in the UK and Europe.


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