Archana Singh: Fitness Enthusiast Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle & An Organic Ecosystem

Archana Singh: Fitness Enthusiast Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle & An Organic Ecosystem

Archana Singh

Despite the rising demand for organic products, the penetration and availability of brands selling certified organic products in the Indian market remains low. To fill this void in the industry and cater to a growing base of health-conscious consumers, Archana Singh built Renaush Global Private Limited. Renaush offers the finest organic and purely natural products that are rich in nutrients, with a sole focus on improving consumers' fitness conditions, both physically and mentally and assisting them in maintaining a high immunity level. Renaush promotes sustainable practices through organic farming, procurement, and sales. The crux of the company lies in promoting an ecosystem in which people are aware of their consumption and eating habits, helping them to live longer and healthier lives.

Archana leverages her more than a decade long experience of being a part of the Indian business sector while leading Renaush towards success in the market. Having built strong relationships and networks with people from various countries has aided her in establishing a company that also exports certified organic and natural products. Here are choice excerpts from Women Entrepreneur India's conversation with the seasoned entrepreneur, Archana.

Introduce us to Renaush. What is the varied expertise you possess as an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast?

Renaush is a USFDA-registered company that sells high-quality organic and purely natural products in India and abroad via our e-Commerce platform, various online partners, physical retail outlets, and distribution channels. Renaush not only supplies people with organic and pure food but also helps farmers overcome financial difficulties.

Renaush will soon be transformed into an AI-powered platform with a range of features such as personalized search, recommendations, voice search, virtual personal shoppers, and more.

Increased demand for essential oils in the international market over the last few years led us to explore the organic essential oils business as well. We provide certified organic oils that are utilized in the production of a wide range of products including perfumes, cosmetics, Ayurvedic medications, and more. Renaush expanded its verticals by specializing in organic medicinal plants and herbs to create a complete 360-degree organic ecosystem.

As an entrepreneur, I've honed my communication skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness over the years. As a fitness enthusiast, I am committed to promoting an ecosystem in which people are conscious of their consumption and eating habits, which can help them live a longer and healthier life.

Take us through your early educational journey and prior industry experience. What motivated you to establish Renaush?

I hold a bachelor's degree in science and a master's degree in HR and marketing. My experience in the Indian business sector spans over a decade. The first leg of my entrepreneurial journey began as the founder of an Executive Search firm, with extensive hiring experience across the industry sectors for Indian as well as overseas markets.

One major motivator for building Renaush was the fact that the penetration and availability of brands selling certified organic products in the Indian market is quite low compared to the demand. When I was looking for certified organic dried fruits and nuts with full traceability for my family, I couldn't find many brands that offered the same. This is when I realized there is a huge demand-supply gap for certified organic dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. The online and easy availability of organic food products, the shift in consumer preference toward organic food and the increased adoption of a healthy lifestyle has motivated me to enter the organic food industry.

“I would like to see more and more women in empowering and powerful roles. I urge women to take a plunge in the field of their choice. Build a successful life by doing what you love. Challenge yourself every day, believe in yourself, and don't be afraid of taking risks in life”

What are some of the most challenging aspects of leading the organization? How do you overcome them?

Managing the team and keeping everyone on the same page and pace is one of the most challenging tasks I encounter as a leader, especially during the pandemic and the uncertainties that came with it. However, I overcome this challenge by motivating and inspiring the whole team through regular interactions and seeking inspiration from each other.

Making difficult decisions is another challenge I face, as there are times when you have to make a decision that upsets someone, but you have to do it for the sake of the business as a whole. At those times, I feel alone and unprepared for the task ahead. But taking a deep breath and remembering that doing the right thing doesn't always mean doing the easy thing can help you get through the decision.

My love for horseback riding has taught me the importance of having a clear vision and being able to articulate that goal clearly. My clear, consistent, and confident communication has benefited the efficient operation of the company. Last but not least, my capacity to sense and respond to signs and cues that could lead to trouble has benefitted the business and has been critical to its success.

Tell us about the significant milestones that you have achieved so far and your guiding leadership philosophy?

I kick-started my entrepreneurial journey with a wholesale business where we only took bulk orders. However, keeping up with the pace at which the world is moving forward with digitalization, we expanded our business and entered the online retail eCommerce landscape. Following the success and positive feedback from our consumers, Renaush aims to amplify its consumer base and will be soon seen in your nearby offline brick and mortar stores as well.

The most significant milestone in my entrepreneurial journey has been the establishment of Renaush as a self-funded brand that has been profitable within six months of its inception.

As a leader, I believe that everyone on the team has a critical role to play and that only my expertise, combined with the skills of my team, can propel the company to greater heights.

How has the trading industry as well as the organic sector evolved over the past few years? How do you keep yourself well aligned with the periodic evolutions in your respective industry and the tech world?

The pandemic prompted people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and eat more mindfully, which led to a shift toward more organic foods. There has been growing consumer awareness of organics and ecological concerns; and increasing buzz around health and wellness in traditional as well as social media.

I read a lot of periodicals, newspapers, and journals to stay current with the organic food market. To keep up with the industry's growing technology and developments, I use social media and other platforms. We closely work with the farmers in various states to have strong supply chain and motivate them to follow sustainable & organic farming practices. I try to engage with my customers more and that helps me to know the trends in the industry.

Archana Singh, Director, Renaush

Archana is well-versed in the art of entrepreneurship. She is an experienced professional in international business trade who promotes a healthy lifestyle through Renaush, as well as a Recruitment professional with considerable hiring experience in multiple industries.