Anjali Surana: Bringing About A New Era In Digital Transformation

Anjali Surana

The IT outsourcing's global market size reached $342.9 billion in 2020 and is estimated to hit $410.2 billion by 2027. With rapid developments in technology, more and more companies are turning to offshore development to have their requirements fulfilled regarding website creations, chatbots and inventory management systems. However, clients face several problems while availing services from a digital transformation provider. All their requirements are never attended to by a single provider, and this increases the budget and deadline for the whole project. Anjali Surana is CTO at Synsoft Global - one of those offshore development companies that has gained considerable value in very less time with their 360-degree approach to digital transformation. WE India engages in a conversation with her to know more about her career and the company.

What were some critical business lessons that you picked up through your prior industry experience that is still a part of your approach towards leadership?

Adapting to changes fast

Tech is a dynamic field. And the only way to keep afloat is adapting to change. Never stop learning. That, and hard work are the principles upon which this organization has been built. Learning is woven into the fabric of Synsoft Global.

Pixel-Perfect Output

When I started my career, the Indian IT industry was in its infancy, and the focus was on creating a niche in the global market. A lot was invested into learning the technology. But we found that the demand was not only about functionally rich products, but also on pixel-perfect interfaces. It made us realize that delivering logically strong products was not sufficient. The sweet around the wrapper is as important. That lesson has helped us hone our UI/UX skills.

Everything Is Possible Through Programming

I believe that there is no such thing as 'can't be done'. There is always some way of doing everything. This is one virtue I truly value in my team... a never-say-never attitude.

All That Starts Well, Ends Well

Experience has taught me that the start of every project is the most critical period, and it does good to invest generously into this phase. Success lies in sound architecture and good design of a product. The ability to visualize scenarios helps design intuitively without taking short cuts that could be deterrent to scalability and performance.

As The CTO, What Are The Various Roles And Responsibilities That You Shoulder At Synsoft Global? What Are Some Of The Most Challenging Aspects Of Your Current Role?

My involvement with the development team begins with the initial phase of projects. I invest considerable time in designing system architecture and databases. And since I am especially fastidious about the UI/UX design, I often like to involve myself in this process too.

I often help in Business Development, especially when the domain of the potential work is new or particularly tricky. It is challenging to gain the confidence of a new client in a domain that's either complex or new to us. But with some time on hand there is nothing that cannot be researched.

As far as challenges are concerned, being a Tech company, we are frequently barraged with new tech stacks. Carving a suitable future path is challenging as we really don't know which technology to put our finger on. Another challenge that is inherent in the IT industry is attrition. I guess I am worried about it too. But I must say that I am very grateful to have some very loyal and hard-working people at the core of Synsoft Global. And they give me all the confidence and trust I need, to carry on.

What has been the driving force behind the success that you have achieved so far?

My primary driving force was the realization as a child that I was growing up a woman in a man's world. It built in me this overwhelming desire to make something out of myself in this world. I couldn't have made better decisions in my life than those I made when I came to realize the status of women in our society. I realize that what I experienced as a child, built me, built my goals, and built in me a belief about what I was going to become. I knew it would be hard work. I knew I would have to fight. But those are the times I draw my energy from.

As a business leader how do you drive growth within Synsoft Global? What is your guiding leadership mantra? 

I believe there are two fundamental qualities that keeps our organization on the growth path - Quick adaptation to change is one of the most critical factors that keeps us on the top of the curve.

Delivering quality work without any compromise, is a strength that our clients will vouch for and one that we are proud of.

As a leader I feel that the people I work with everyday are like my family. Life is too precious to be limited by professional relationships. I'd like to think that as a family we can go way beyond that.

The Realm Of Technology Is Constantly In A State Of Flux. How Do You Keep Yourself Well Aligned With The Periodic Evolutions That Keep Taking Place Within The Tech World?

Astrong drive to learn new technology, and a penchant to innovate, to use technology to derive the finest solutions for business problems, is critical to keep up in this extremely volatile industry. Seeking this quality in my people has imbibed it into the character of the company. 

“With the recent appreciation in non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, there is a rise in new gijmos like Virtual Worlds, Collectibles, NFT Marketplaces, etc., boosting fields like Art, Music and Sports. Complemented with emerging technologies like IoT, VT/AR, AI, etc., Blockchain becomes even more powerful in new age applications.“

Synsoft's journey is modulated across time with the learning curve of newer technologies. Learning has been an inherent part of the team. Finding the next tech stack to learn, doing intense training sessions, and recruiting new talent, that's how we keep ourselves on the top of latest trends.

Given The All-Consuming Nature Of Your Current Role At Synsoft Global, How Do You Strike A Balance Between Your Professional And Personal Life?

Yes, it's a role that I could completely immerse myself in... not just because it is demanding but because it is my passion. And I am equally passionate about family & home. Life moves in the direction we choose. I chose to balance mine between work and family, and hence I can do it. I think it is more about one's priorities. Initially the balance tilted towards family and home. But gradually this changed, and I found myself indulging completely into my work.

As A Successful Business Leader What Would Your Advice Be To Young Women Who Aspire To Become Business Leaders And Entrepreneurs In The Future?

I believe that if you want something strong enough, the paths unfold automatically. An inherent wish to do something, and a belief that it will happen, takes its course.

Also, even though the world has changed over time, I believe it's still a man's world; and every woman faces discrimination. It is impending for a woman to prove herself everywhere she goes, while a man doesn't even have to think twice. Yes, the world is better than before. But, if we women want things to change further for us, then we must aim to build a better world for our kids to live in. The new world will depend upon what our kids have watched us do, and what we leave behind for them. We should take responsibility for that. As mothers, I believe we can move mountains before we rest.

What Have Been Some Of The Most Significant Milestones Achieved By Synsoft Global Over The Years?

Moving from being product-based to service-based might have been the turning point for us as a team. We were very keen on this cross over and worked hard to get our first contract which helped us head into Services and offshore contracting. It took considerable market study and as much innovation within our systems to make our space into this area. And surely, we made many mistakes too. But I am glad that as a company we took this milestone step, as it became the foundation of what we are today.

Our most recent achievement is entering the world of Blockchain & Crytpo. The technology has a significant learning barrier.  But the good part is that we got on the Blockchain bandwagon as early as 2017, getting our foot in the door before it became popular. Since then, we have successfully delivered. I foresee Blockchain will become mainstream soon.

Since You Speak About Blockchain, Can You Tell Us More About Your Current Ventures In It?

When we started the bubble was around Cryptos and ICOs. We implemented a few ICOs, and DApps (Distributed Applications) on platforms like Ethereum and Stellar.

Today blockchain applications have expanded into DeFi, DAO, Asset Management, Supply Chain, Document Management, Land Registries, Gaming and more. With the recent introduction of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, there is a rise in new gizmos like the NFT Marketplaces, Virtual Land, Collectibles, and more, affecting fields like Art, Music and Sports. Complemented with emerging technologies like IoT, VR/AR, AI and many others. Blockchain becomes more useful and powerful in creating various new age applications. Our most recent endeavors have involved building of real-world applications on Blockchain technology. Currently we are working in the NFT domain. While Blockchain is still in its 'stone age', I am very ambitions about it and look forward to doing socially valuable work using it.


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