Anisha Shastri: Leading The Way With Digital

Anisha Shastri: Leading The Way With Digital

Anisha Shastri

Anisha Shastri, Director, Intense Technologies is a proven leader with experience in delivering enterprise SaaS solutions for start-ups, mid-size and large companies. Her expertise lies in building corporate and product strategies. Having consulted for large clients in the Telecommunications, BFSI, and Health Care industries, she comes with immense domain knowledge and a strong passion to solve problems. Currently, Anisha handles business strategy and overseas growth for Intense. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, the US, and a Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology from Osmania University. A tech visionary with an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit she saw the potential to productize software and built a business around it with her new venture Reasy. Let’s hear it from her.

Tell us a little about Intense Technologies, about you and your journey so far.

When someone asks me what we do at Intense, I often respond ‘impact millions of lives’. Every person you walk by on the street is touched by our software in one way or another. Intense Technologies is a publicly listed, global enterprise software products and services company, headquartered in India with a strong and emerging presence in the EMEA, USA, and APAC. We have, with over two decades of enterprise experience and our continuous innovation, contributed to the growth of marquee enterprise customers in the field of Telecom, Banking, Utilities, and Insurance. We’re an enterprise tech company with a mission to build long-lasting trust and confidence through our tech platform and a digital suite of solutions. Our key focus has always been on building a product that solves a real problem that enterprises face. That is by far been the biggest driver of our growth.

I am a born and bred Hyderabadi. After my engineering, I started my career with Accenture as a software engineer. I realized pretty early that I was not meant to be just behind the screen. That was my first foray into the field of product management at Intense. Since then, I have been in Technology, Product Management, and consulting roles and those skills have allowed me to grow. Today, I take care of corporate and product strategies and growth for Intense.

What are some key leadership strategies that you leverage to ensure organizational success?

One of the most important parts of my role is to bring the smartest minds together, assist them in every way possible and create a synergy of collaboration and growth. It’s extremely critical to nurture strong employee connectedness. I believe in decentralized decision-making, empowering people, and providing them with all the support they need. A large part of my leadership style is not just coming up with ideas by myself, but listening, keeping communication open, and figuring out ways of helping my colleagues bring them into action. Also, in this space of technology that we are in, it’s mandatory to keep reinventing ourselves, investing in our people, and giving them opportunities to realize their full potential. We like keeping the atmosphere flexible and giving our people the opportunity to dream, innovate, and bring that to life.

What has been the success mantra for you and the organization as a whole?

We are in a dynamically changing industry, and being open to constant change helps us in keeping pace with the market. What drives Intense is technology, innovation, and customer focus. Customers have always been our Advisory Group, from creating roadmaps to understanding their pain points and challenges, we ensure that the customers are always heard and trusted. Customer focus is possible only when we do what we love with extra zeal. We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of passionate people whose commitment and enthusiasmhelped shape Intense.

“One of the most important parts of my role is to bring the smartest minds together, assist them in every way possible and create a synergy of collaboration and growth”

How do you keep yourself aligned with the periodic evolutions occurring within your respective field of work?

I believe it is very important to stay in touch with your market and the people who are using your products & solutions to ensure that you are exceeding their expectations. Our customers trust us because we offer the best technical expertise, business value, and business transformation capabilities.For us, our customers come first. And we have a steady channel of constant customer feedback which helps us see whether we’re going in the right direction.

What would your advice be to young women who aspire to become business leaders in the future?

My only advice to young aspiring women business leaders would be to keep dreaming and not let anything or any current examples of what fellow women have achieved, limit your capabilities. The world is your oyster, and as long as you want to achieve your aspirations, I believe there is nothing that can stop you.

What do you find the best part of your work that you want to share with us?

I love being in the office and meeting my teams. When you are sitting in a room during collaborative discussions, with everybody trying to solve a problem, it is just brilliant. I love solving problems through technology and then seeing them come to life, that energizes me.

Anisha Shastri, Director, Intense Technologies

• Headquarters & other office locations: Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, London, Singapore, Florida

• Awards & Recognition: Anisha Shastri has been a Recipient of Asia One Youth Icon of the Year, 2020

•Intense Technologies Limited is positioned amongst AnyPrem Customer Communications Management Software Leaders for Telecom, Insurance, Public Sector, and Utilities verticals in the 2022 Aspire CCM-CXM Leaderboard™.

•Received the Best Innovative Company of the year award from World Innovation Congress, 2021

•Received the Best Employer Brand Award from World HRD Congress, 2021

•Received the Best SME with Global Footprint award,2021