Editor's Note

The Silver Lining Isn't That Silver

There are some eye opening stats when it comes to women in Finance industry. They account for only 10 percent of the total SEBI-registered investment advisors, while industry estimates that of the total number of mutual fund distributors, only 20 percent are women. On the other hand, a miniscule 16 percent of the members of Network FP are women, and of the total individual agents, women constitute only 27 percent. Indeed when women are becoming more financially independent, it is sad to see such numbers that show our apathy towards having a woman as our financial advisor.

It may be due to the ingrained assertive where women run towards male family members to get advice for their financial concerns. This philosophy runs through ages and we tend to blindly follow it and negatively impact women power in the financial industry. However, with more women becoming financially independent, they have started taking advice from women financial advisors to achieve their financial goals. Indeed in the recent times and years to come, the industry will see an increasing number of female ruling the chart while giving the best of the returns to their clients.

In this line, Women Entrepreneur India Magazine brings to you the story of ‘Top 10 Women Financial Consultants - 2020’. With the aim to help you achieve your financial goals, and mission to empower more women inclusion in this industry, our team of experts comprising of industry veterans and our Editorial Board together have shortlisted the names. We also bring to you their expertise, services and how they are tuning in their client’s finance to help them achieve their goals. Read to know more about them.