Since our Prime Minister Modi spoke about making India a digital nation, there was a rush among businesses to make their presence online. Suddenly digital became the battleground and everybody wanted to win their clients through this medium. Digital marketing precipitously became the way to go. With digital marketing gaining grounds, there emerged several women leaders who rose to become influential thought leaders and trailblazers in this space, despite the fact that less than a third of the digital marketing workforce is female.

But nothing can stop these sheroes who leave no stone unturned to make their client’s digital presence felt like no other, while win them big on this battleground. There are countless women digital marketers who are changing the game every day with their innovation and creativity, thus making positive dent in the industry. From mastering influencer marketing, voice search PPC, to much more, women are leaving a major mark in the field of digital marketing despite having to face their regular war of gender bias and the perception that women know less.

But in our current edition of Women Entrepreneur India, we bring to you the story of ‘Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Marketing – 2020’. The issue intends to bring to you the tale of their expertise, how they are driving digital marketing campaigns for their clients, what makes them unique, their superpower decision making ability and their strong sense to predict the future along with several other traits that make them a winning horse. Read to know more about them and their strategies.

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