Overcome Your Self- Limiting Beliefs & Wake Up To Your Real Potential

Overcome Your Self- Limiting Beliefs & Wake Up To Your Real Potential

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Tuesday, 12 September 2023

One might think that conversations about women’s low representation in the workforce and top leadership positions have been going on for too long. But, the truth of the matter is that even in today’s day and age, women make up a meagre chunk of the top decision-making roles. A 2019 study by Lean In found that 21 percent of C-suite positions are held by women. Similatly women lead only 10 percent of all Fortune 500 companies in 2023.

But funnily enough, when women do make it to the top, they outperform their make counterparts. For years, leadership was viewed as a ‘lonely man’s job’ that required one to ‘make tough calls that others might be unable to make’.

However, in today’s age we understand that leadership is about fostering collaboration and building psychologically safe teams that can focus on growth and innovation. Women inherently possess the soft-skills required to be a good collaborator. A 2013 study showcased that women are more drawn to collaboration than men. Men, generally tend to hold a pessimistic view of their teammates’ abilities.

Even when study after study highlights how women can outshine men at leadership, women still continue to undervalue their capabilities. According to a 2019 Zenger | Folkman study, women rate themselves lower than men in leadership self-assessments. Women often showcase a realistic view of their abilities.

The crux of the matter is that women need to overcome their own limiting beliefs and realise their capabilities. Having solid role-models who have achieved immense success in life can be a catalyst in helping aspiring women leaders and professionals have a positive view of their impending growth.

In order to do so, the current edition of Women Entrepreneur magazine highlights the journey of Khaarthigha Subramanian. An exemplary visionary in the retail sector, she has nearly 18.5 years of extensive experience in consulting and delivering solutions within the Retail & Consumer Services Industry; Grocery, Food, Fashion, Luxury segments worldwide.

She Studied Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Amrita Institute (Anna University) and is currently pursuing a diploma in Executive Senior Leadership & Strategy from the prestigious IIM Lucknow.

In this edition, we also introduce you to Kiran Sharma, Founder, Director & Senior VP, Vasu. After studying financial planning at BCIT, she gained valuable experience at a provincial credit union and then completed the Canadian Securities Course with the intention of pursuing a career in registered Canadian investments.

Kiran moved to Asia and ventured into assisting emerging growth companies in pitching their ideas to investors and helping startups raise capital. During a near decade across Southeast Asia, she has developed a vast network and gained extensive work experience, where she has sourced, facilitated, managed, and analyzed business relationships for client companies.

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