Asking For Help Doesn't Make You Weak, It Makes You Wise!

Asking For Help Doesn't Make You Weak, It Makes You Wise!

By: Rachita Sharma, Managing Editor | Friday, 15 September 2023

The global business-world can be a daunting space, more so for business leaders. With a lot riding on their performance, it becomes critical that business leaders function at their optimum potential. Leadership/executive coaches provide the requisite support and guidance to empower business leaders to achieve their true potential.

Two decades ago, leadership coaching was a different ball-game. With few accomplished coaches available in the industry, a handful of top CEOs leveraged coaching. There was also a hush-hush culture around coaching with leaders working with coaches under the radar.

However, the scenario today is entirely different. As they say, “asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it makes you wise”. Coaching and mentorship have picked up immense pace globally. With the pandemic, coaching also went online, reaching more number of people. Today, executive & leadership coaches are highly sought after professionals.

Each coach brings with them, their unique perspective and experiences. For an instance meet Jae Eun Kim, CEO, Incoaching. She has worked with a wide range of industries and possesses experience of over two decades. Before joining Incoaching, she was associated with LG Communication Center, International Labour Organization, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to name a few. She has authored four books and has created many video lectures based on coaching practices and a coaching guidebook which is widely appreciated by many industry leaders.

Another illustrious leadership coach is Dr. Bobby Goswami Baruah, Founder & Director, Dumick Educational Consultancy. A Certified Career Analyst, and business coach & mentor, and experienced career counsellor, Bobby is the Founder- Director of Dumick Educational Consultancy who is working persistently to drive students towards making their dreams a reality.

Deepa Dagaonkar, Director & Senior Trainer is another career mentor helping leaders function better. Deepa brings over 25 years of professional experience which has given her a broad perspective of the needs of employers versus the skills of the talent pool. Leveraging this knowledge, she is working towards the holistic development of students which often gets overlooked in educational institutions.

Joining these illustrious women leaders is Christina Tan, Founder, Sales Symphony. A trainer, coach, and advisor to the sales team, leaders, and professionals, Christina Tan helps businesses to grow exponentially by using her 25 years of sales experience and Sales Success Orchestrator methodology. After gaining a profound amount of experience by working with companies like Delteq Systems, Enterprise Singapore, Nexwave Technologies, NTT, Equinix, and IBM, she started her own venture widely known as Sales Symphony.

Bernice Lee, Director, The Etiquette & Leadership Institute is another renowned coach. Bernice is a high-performance coach who has helped over 3,000 business professionals from 23 countries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Yale University and a Master of Industrial & Labor Relations from Cornell University. She splits her time between Hong Kong and Canada.

These women leaders are facilitators of growth, learning and success in the global business landscape. Read more about them and their coaching methodologies in our current magazine edition.

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