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Pick your Battles, Mompreneurs

It is said that the nation that invests in women are the happiest and most prosperous. There have been several measures by governments across the world to empower them and make them a major economic growth factor. Women too are breaking the stereotype and the patriarchal rules to make space for themselves. While they were considered just a home-maker, they are making way into entrepreneurship successfully. However, the challenge still remains balancing the societal norms of managing home and family with utmost importance, many-a-times more than self.

This puts an additional invisible burden on mom which they always carry even when they are the one who wear almost all the hats at home. A working mom always has the guilt of not giving enough time to their kids, but when she is a mompreneur, she has enough to deal with while burning the midnight oils. From balancing kids, family and society to striking deals with customers while taking care of innovation and employee wellbeing, mompreneurs have too many parallels to make from her motherhood. These aren’t the old times and with women taking charge of multinational companies and winning this space, it is time you pick up your own battles and win them, without a pinch of guilt.

Mantra to become Guilt-free Mompreneurs

Studies by the Kauffman Foundation show that venture-backed companies led by a woman create 12 percent more revenue, while also women-led companies have proved to be more resilient to financial and market crisis. So what makes them more efficient?

Many belief that raising a family may be similar to running a startup. And if you see the traits that transcend from parenthood to entrepreneurship, you may realize that the list is longer than you imagined. It is just that they need to learn to delegate work rather than keeping everything to themselves. Juggling between works is their expertise, and so is that of CEOs. On top of it, being a mom adds an extra zing to your ability. Why? Because juggling a full schedule of your kids across school, tuition, extra classes, homework, dinner menus and others is the work of a pro. The same goes with startups. This superior time management skills are one of the most important trait of an entrepreneur, especially that of a startup. Knowing when and where to invest time plays a crucial time in running ones own business.  

Being a mom also instills a higher sense of purpose and responsibility, infusing more patience, more tenacity, and a higher realization of value of time. Motherhood also teaches to be more selfless in the world of entrepreneurship. On the other hand, with successful stories to tell, even families are offering their full support to the ladies and letting them wear the pants. Hubbies today lend helping hands to take care of kids and household work. Some hubbies even opt for stay-at-home husband. This provides the much needed ammunition to empower mompreneurs further. The need is to realign your priorities.