Dynamic Nature of Market Necessitates Agility & Focussed Approach to Build a Success Story

Dynamic Nature of Market Necessitates Agility & Focussed Approach to Build a Success Story

By: WE Staff | Sunday, 23 July 2023

The global pandemic was a transformative market force in many ways. Covid-19 and its aftermath impacted every major industry sector across the globe. While most sectors experienced a negative impact, edtech was one of the few industries that gained massive traction during the pandemic. Perceptive entrepreneurs built learning platforms that leveraged technology to bring education and knowledge to places where it would not have reached earlier.

Diksha Katyal was one such entrepreneur who capitalized on the edtech industry’s growth momentum and co-founded Academy of Vedic Vidya. The Kolkata born and raised girl is a dedicated and ambitious edtech entrepreneur who is determined to transform the landscape of online education and establish herself as India's leading self-employment specialist.

Major life events and brewing market forces influenced her to establish Academy of Vedic Vidya, a specialized institution at the forefront of Vedic science and occult knowledge. In a conversation with Women Entrepreneur India magazine, Diksha takes us through her entrepreneurial journey, the secrets of Vedic science and highlights strategies for business success.

Can you tell us about the early years of your life. What or who played the most influential role in shaping you as an individual in your formative years?

I spent my early years in Kolkata, a culturally rich city in India, where I was exposed to a diverse range of traditions, art, and spirituality. The city instilled in me a deep appreciation for heritage and ancient wisdom. During my formative years, my family played the most influential role in shaping my individuality. They encouraged my curiosity, self-exploration, and love for learning. With their support, I developed a strong foundation both academically and emotionally.

Did you always envision becoming an entrepreneur? If yes, please elaborate.

While I always harboured a desire to become an entrepreneur, I hadn't initially planned to start my venture at the age of 26. My original plan was to work in the corporate world for around 8-10 years before venturing into entrepreneurship. However, fate had other plans. In 2022, I had to leave my job as I permanently shifted my base from Mumbai to Kolkata. It was during this time that my husband, who was my fiancé at that time, invited me to join him and be a part of his ed-tech company, SkillEnable. This opportunity inspired me to take the leap and establish the Academy of Vedic Vidya.

You pursued a master’s in luxury and fashion brand management and went on to work in the corporate world for a few years. What led you to make a switch and pursue entrepreneurship? Was there a specific incident or moment that helped you make the decision?

The COVID-19 lockdown brought about a significant shift in my interests towards Vedic Science and spirituality. The rise of digital platforms during that period led to numerous live online classes on meditation, spirituality, and occult science, offering valuable assistance to people in coping with stress and anxiety while learning new skills. Realizing the widespread interest in Vedic Science and its potential impact on individuals' lives, coupled with the lack of credible institutions in this field, motivated me to start the Academy of Vedic Vidya.

What made you venture into the field of Vedic and Occult Science? How did your interest grow in this field?

My interest in Vedic and Occult Science grew from a personal fascination with spirituality and ancient wisdom. The COVID-19 lockdown provided me with an opportunity to explore Vedic Science and find comfort in its timeless wisdom. Witnessing the prevalent global challenges of stress and the desire to live a happy life, I became convinced that others could also benefit from these teachings. This realization, along with my discoveries about the profound potential of Vedic Science in various aspects of life, ignited my passion to establish the Academy of Vedic Vidya.

In your opinion how can Vedic and Occult Science help individuals improve the quality of their lives?

Vedic and Occult Science can significantly improve individuals' lives in various ways:

- Stress Relief: Vedic practices like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness techniques help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

- Personal Development: By embracing Vedic principles, individuals gain deeper self-awareness, recognize their strengths, and identify areas for personal growth, leading to self-transformation.

- Balance and Harmony: Vedic knowledge advocates a balanced lifestyle, aligning the mind, body, and spirit for overall well-being and harmony.

- Professional Success: Integrating Vedic wisdom into one's life enhances focus, creativity, and decision-making abilities, enabling individuals to succeed professionally and even become independent practitioners and consultants.

- Spiritual Connection: Vedic science provides a pathway for individuals to explore their spirituality and establish a deeper connection with the universe.

Building a company from scratch is no easy task. Can you tell us about a few strategies that you use as a business leader to ensure business success?

Building a company from scratch demands dedication, strategic thinking, and can be challenging. For me, the most significant challenge wasn't operational, as my husband, who is also my co-founder, laid a strong foundation with an existing base. The main struggle was creating a market in an unorganized sector.

Convincing both consumers and employees about the potential of our venture required persistence, dedication, commitment, and an aggressive approach. The dynamic nature of the market necessitates agility and a focussed approach to build a success story as a business leader or entrepreneur.

What is your vision for Academy of Vedic Vidya? What do you wish to achieve through this venture?

My vision for the Academy of Vedic Vidya is to revolutionize the market for Vedic and Occult Science, not only in India but globally. I aim for the Academy to be recognized as India's leading specialist in self-employment within this field, offering high-quality education through accessible learning methods. By the end of 2024, I aspire to train 5000 practitioners worldwide, spreading the knowledge of Vedic Science and occult wisdom to diverse individuals.

Through the Academy of Vedic Vidya, I strive to preserve the rich historical and cultural roots of Vedic Science, ensuring its transmission to future generations. Simultaneously, I aim to make this knowledge relevant and accessible to modern audiences by incorporating contemporary teaching methods, such as online courses and workshops. By striking a balance between tradition and adaptation, I seek to illuminate the timeless relevance of Vedic Science and occult knowledge, empowering individuals to lead enriched and balanced lives.